Green-Screen Photo Booth
Why limit yourself to one background when you can have 4? Why stop at still photos when you can have GIFs and video too? With our green screen photo booth you can choose up to 4 custom backgrounds for your photos, you can also create custom GIFs and short video clips.


Whatever you can imagine we can create, or choose from our library of interactive backgrounds. We guarantee that no one will be forgetting your event anytime soon!


A border overlay is an easy way to personalize your photos with your event name and date so your guests remember the legendary event.


Create animations that when shared online come to life in a crazy looping GIF so that the fun never has to stop.

All photo booth rentals include:
- Your choice of an open, social booth format, or traditional enclosed photo booth setup
- A booth attendant to guide guests through the booth process, and make sure everything works properly
- A wide array of social media sharing and still photo print options
- A full array of props for photos
- Your choice of 4 backgrounds for green-screen photos
- Customizable backgrounds and overlays for animated GIFs
- At the end of the event clients receive a flash drive with all pictures taken during the event
- We also have a number of branding and promotional options available for corporate clients/events.

* Booth rentals are available in 2 hour, 4 hour, and 4+ hour increments.
* Discounted rates are available when adding a photo booth to a DJ package.
*A number of branding and customization options are available for corporate clients/events to further advertising and name recognition efforts.

Sound Reinforcement
Whether you need a small coffee house sized system for a duo, an extra pair of subs for a big gig, or an 18,000 watt monster PA we've got you covered. Add to that our extensive collection of microphones, mixers, and effects processing and you can rest easy knowing you'll have the gear you need, when you need it.

Stage and Effect Lighting
Trussing, stands, DMX cabling, DMX controllers, pars, derbys, programmable iLights, strobes, laser effects... From DMX cabling to full color LED pars Essence Productions has the lighting your event needs.

Monogram lighting
Shine names, dates, images, etc. against a wall or on the dance floor

Client gets to keep the image template as a keepsake at the end of the night

Highlight your head table or set the mood of your reception hall with colored LED lighting.

Projectors / Screens
Show home videos, photo slideshows, announcements, or PowerPoint presentations at your offsite corporate conference, wedding reception, school event or where ever else needed. Plus they're the perfect add-on for karaoke lovers.

We can provide staging for outdoor ceremonies, or other locations as needed.

Follow Spot
Highlight keynote speakers, performers, etc. with a constant spotlight.

Consulting, Training, and Installation

Whether you've always been interested in sound reinforcement, or were nominated out of necessity to become the "sound person" we can help.

  • We can help you configure and set up a new PA for your band, place of worship, school jazz choir, etc.
  • We can provide training on sound reinforcement principles ranging from the basics to advanced concepts.
  • We've performed installations in schools, places of worship, and outdoor spaces.

For more information contact us at 701-715-2708 or